Based in the Chipinge district, this consists of six estates inter-cropped with tea, coffee, avocados and macadamia nuts. Tea and coffee are processed in bulk form for sale, either on the international market or to the Beverage Division for local and regional packed tea sales.

The Estates

Jersey Estate

Jersey started planting tea back in 1945 and has concentrated solely on tea until late 2011

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Ratelshoek Estate

The Ratelshoek estate incorporates the nearby land known as Helvetia and is run as one estate.

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Tinga Mira

One of Tanganda’s flourishing estates, is not only majestic and truly beautiful, but a hive of activity.

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Zona Estate

The smallest of the five Tanganda Tea Company Limited estates, is located only 38km from Chipinge town.

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NYG Estate

Nestled in a valley about 25km before Chipinge town you will find the picturesque New Year’s Gift Estate.

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