50 Epic Years of Leadership

John Ralph Thomas Moxon has served on the Tanganda Board for 5 decades and leaves an indelible memory as he moves onto his next chapter. John is the 2nd of 3 generations of Moxons to serve on the Tanganda Board. [dflip id=”4241″ ][/dflip] Celebrating 50 Years of John RT Moxon

Tanganda Listing

Tanganda Tea Company’s re-llisting on the ZSE meant there was a need to form a new Board of Directors. It is under the leadership of this new Board that Tanganda enters this new chapter.    [dflip id=”7969″ ][/dflip]

New Board tours Estates

February 23-25 marked the inagural tour, post listing, for  Tanganda’s new Board of Directors.    CEO, Tim Fennell, welcomed the Directors at a brief breakfast held at Gomondoni Lodge, mid morning on Wednesday 23 February. The group then travelled to Jersey and toured the Macadamia and Coffee plantations, where the hosting Estate Manager Sherrington explained […]

50 Cheers to 50 Years

Wednesday 16th February marked 50 glorious years for Tanganda’s Finance Director, Henry Nemaire. Henry celebrated his Golden Jubilee with the Mutare branch of the Tanganda family.  Henry was born in 1972 in the Chikore Village of Headlands. The 8th  of 11 children, Henry was born at the height of the liberation struggle. Due to the […]

Tanganda Tea Company Returns to the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

Tanganda Tea Company Limited returned to the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) bourse, on 3 February 2022, as a much stronger enterprise after investment in a diversified portfolio of tea itself, macadamia, avocados, coffee and tinga mira spring water. The table below shows the significant differences between the Tanganda that was delisted in 2008 and the […]

New Macadamia Processing and Pack shed

Tanganda diversified into macadamia in the back end of the last decade and they are starting to reach maturity. In preparation for this, Tanganda has invested in a new macadamia processing and storing plant which was constructed at New Year’s Gift estate. The plant utilizes sensors for temperature and moisture control as well as other […]

Covid-19 Response

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to adapt and Tanganda is no different. As a company that handles food and beverages it was even more important that we responded well. The policy that was formulated can be seen in full below. 

Company Listing on the ZSE

The principal reasons for the Meikles – Tanganda Demerger  are: To establish Tanganda as a dedicated stand-alone business attractive to investors and able to pursue business ventures within the value-added diversified agricultural sector in Zimbabwe; To enable Meikles and Tanganda in future to raise funding with conditions suitable for the type of businesses they are […]

Tanganda Solar Project

Motivation Tanganda had been considering self-sufficiency in energy supply due to unreliability in ZESA supply ( downtime and loss of productivity) and quality of power ( i.e surges and voltage fluctuations which resulted in burning out of switchgear and motors).   Lost yield potential in high-value crops due to no irrigation during a drought in […]

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