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Corporate social responsibility…

Tanganda Outgrowers

Tanganda Tea Company cares for nearly 800 outgrowers and has been doing so since 1989 when the project started. This involves the surrounding areas of Ndieme, Tamandai, Chinyaduma, Gwenzi, Mount Selinda and Mapungwana. Tea and potatoes are currently grown by these small-scale farmers but this year avocados and macadamias will also become part of the Tanganda diversification programme. Potatoes were initially introduced to the out-growers to enhance their cash flow as this crop produces after only four months.

Green leaf is either delivered by or collected from outgrowers and processed separately in our factories.

Tanganda will provide the avocado and macadamia seedlings, as well as extension work which provides expertise and transport to bring the crops in from the farms involved in the project. Tanganda further guarantees to buy all crops produced by the farmers.

Naison Chigogo is employed by Tanganda as Outgrowers Extension Services Manager and he enthusiastically visits all his outgrowers once a month to ascertain problems they may be having and then provides the right guidance and expertise to assist them.

The Tanganda Outgrowers Scheme has become an integral part of the Chipinge economy and will continue to expand with diversification being an important aspect of the project.