Tanganda Solar Project


Tanganda had been considering self-sufficiency in energy supply due to unreliability in ZESA supply ( downtime and loss of productivity) and quality of power ( i.e surges and voltage fluctuations which resulted in burning out of switchgear and motors).  

Lost yield potential in high-value crops due to no irrigation during a drought in 2019, was the straw that broke camels back, we needed to secure our energy supply. Solar was the most practical solution.

Tony Saywood is serving as the project manager, with Lucky Mandeya (Agricultural Division head electrician) being involved in daily management. 

Plant Sizes

  • Ratelshoek – 1.6MW
  • Tingamira – 1.2MW
  • Jersey -1.4MW

Both Tinamira and Jersey and have 480kwh battery support in place which ensures seamless changeover and absolute pure power, good for productivity and condition of switchgear and motors. RH battery system is ordered and expected in January

Benefits of the Solar Plants

  • Security of power supply
  • Quality power
  • Savings per kWh against ZESA tariff and especially against the use of diesel generators (DGs) when there’s a power cut.

The Future

All estates are set to eventually have solar plants set up. 

We are in process of applying to be Grid-tied with the ZESA national grid where we can then feedback excess produced power for their use. Our pilot site is Ratelshoek.

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