The Tanganda Training Centre, soon to be renamed, “The John Moxon Conference Centre”, is located at New Year’s Gift Estate in Chipinge. In 1995, an important decision was made to convert the place, which previously was a house used by some of the company’s senior management, into a training facility. This was in order to realise Tanganda Tea Company’s firm belief that people are key to its success. It now consists of a conference room, five neat grass-thatched rondavels, and five rooms in the “main house” and can accommodate twenty-two people at any given time.

It provides accommodation, conference facilities, and food to Tanganda employees attending in-house courses and those on company business from the Estates, Mutare, Bulawayo, and Harare. The lush green vegetation and well-manicured lawn provide a tranquil atmosphere and ideal setting for training workshops.

A staff complement of nine, consisting of the Training and Development Manager, Supervisor, Housekeeper, four cooks, and four gardeners is responsible for providing exceptional service to guests and maintaining the facility.