Why Invest in Tanganda?

  1. Tanganda exports to over 25 countries around the world and its export earnings account for 72% of its revenues. This enhances its ability to support and grow business, as well as diversify risk of dependence on one particular market.
  2. Ranks top among global tea growers in tea yields per hectare with a record average yield of 4.2 tonnes. Other global commercial producers trail behind and envy Tanganda’s record. Tanganda’s local branded and packed tea market share in Zimbabwe is over 65%. The company has installed globally competitive packaging technology in its factory giving potential to grow export of branded packed tea portfolio.
  3. Diversified agri-business whose crop portfolio is made up of Tea, Coffee, maturing avocado and macadamia plantations, wattle and gum plantations to support on farm activities. Contracts for all the plantation crops are in place and managed to the best interest of the company. Risky conditions are managed to global best practice and insurance is taken as appropriate to cover any eventuality.
  4. Tanganda is a responsible producer with its processes, crops and products certified by local and international quality and sustainability bodies which include Rainforest Alliance (RA), International Standards Organization (ISO), Global Gap, Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA), Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ), Tesco Nurture and Haccp. As a show of its corporate citizenry Tanganda supports health, sports, recreational activities for its 4 500 employees and stakeholders as well as partner with 1 500 small scale tea producers supporting them in their production and market access.